A writer is the purest person you will ever know.

Because he pours his heart out on the paper for you to read,

Because he spares his soul and rips it bit by bit;

Sorting the mess and organizing the chaos

Into letters, words, paragraphs and chapters

For you to feel, yours to discover.

He has no hidden ambitions,

You see through his mind on his paper.

He is transparent. All his emotions lay down in front of him, but they are no longer his.

They are yours.

Yours to savor and feel, to cherish and unveil, yours to keep and yours to share.

Untill the chest containing the treasure of his memories and experiences ends.

Slowly he depletes his body of all emotion to pool it all out for you,

Untill he is one empty, lifeless observer, who no longer has opinions, who is now only a raw product deprived of its own process.

So the next time you meet a writer, don’t smile and pass or blindly praise/criticise their work.

Just give them a memory worth writing about.


How Important are you?

Each night, a sense of worthlessness creeps on

For you your life is a multiverse

So much happening; so much to do

But to the Earth at large

You are another tiny speck

A mere dot

Along with every other emperor, leader and dictator

Who, in vain attempt, tried to achieve immortality

And at the end like us

Was shred to pieces

The feeling that our existence hardly makes a difference

That whether we pass that test or leave that job or not

It will not matter

Makes us feel quite stupid

And a mockery out of daily fears

But it gives me a feeling of bliss

Life is what it is

No control is what makes it beautiful

And when I lay at night and this feeling creeps on to me

I feel sad as if someone said to my face, “You are not special”

But I feel happy, it reminds me to not take anything too seriously

And to keep going on.


I am unbelonged wherever I go,

Like a bright sparkle among duller colors, I am different.

I have different thoughts and ideals.

Different ways, different sparks.

I never fit in wherever I go,

Like a juxtaposition, a puzzle piece differently carved, I stand out.

It does not mean

That I do not have human friendships

That I stay away from all sorts of human interaction

Society forces me to do so.

But I can never be a part of the group

Another student

Another kid

Running around hungry for love;

Even in the empty facade of ‘normal’ friends and social norms,

I have no one

To call my own

Except me.

I am content in this permanent state of being lonely. 21442882_1141785039255458_909779092_n.jpg


You’re a girl, so you should shut up.

A few days ago, on the usual bus ride back from school, all eyes turned to the back of the bus. A senior had just slapped a junior for turning behind. I was sitting just a seat forward. I was vocal about my clear distaste for this act and when the argument got heated, a teacher was called behind to solve the problem.

My school has zero tolerance. Normally, If I’d have slapped anybody, I’d have a call to my mom, a red card issued and probably all free classes cancelled. But this guy got off scot free, increasing the already burning fire inside me.

The next day, situations led the same way causing me to yet again stand up and voice my views. This time, he came up to me and said, “You’re a girl, so shut up and stop talking so much. I’ll finish you.” which was like an alarm gone off.

I’ve been brought up in a family of strong, independent women and so I did give him a very strong piece of my mind before he went to the teacher in the bus yet again. He could have no answer to my arguments except an abusive word, which just prove my point.

The teacher came up and said I was at blame here. She said, I shouldn’t have argued in the first place. And all this time, nobody in the bus pointed out that it was wrong. I told her that she was defending a student who not only said sexist remarks but also used violence in school boundaries. She could say nothing but tell us not to speak to each other.

The next day onward, I paid a little more attention to what I was hearing at school. A teacher said, “Earlier only the boys were naughty, now it has been generalised” comments like “Behave like girls” began to sting me more and more. Even in the school clinic, the teacher said, “Earlier only girls used to come, now boys are coming.” I’m sorry, I did not know physical pain was restricted to a gender.

I was really unwell so I stayed at the clinic for an hour when I overheard the conversation between a young girl who wanted to go home because she was menstruating and in pain. She, (the doctor) said, “All of us women have to go through it, you can’t put a break in your life because of it right? Everybody does. Its not a big deal”

In my family, everything has been taught equally and to each child. I realised I was facing an unreasonable amount of sexism in my school, on a daily basis. Me and my male best friend, while hanging out once, were playing a game of whose punch was the hardest. When I won, I heard a boy Going by whisper to his friend “Ha! He got hit by a girl.”

My school is the best in my city and if this is the case thoughtour the world, we’ve hardly changed our thinking.

I really don’t mind fighting each ine of these people to kill off their thinking, but not a single other soul thought this was wrong. We keep screaming feminsim, the teacher who couldn’t do anything for me in the bus talks about women empowerment while the bitter truth is that even in 2017 we cannot accept women as equals. And it is not just boys like the jerk on the bus, but also women like those teachers who reinforce this orthodox thinking. Also if you are staying silent on the subject, you are equally responsible.

Rather than girls and boys, when can we be addressed as students? Our gender identities never matter more than our personal identities. Let us stop fixing behavioral qualities on a biological factor. Teens already have lots going on for them, dont make life tougher by making each day a battle.

Taking your own life?

Taking your own life, interesting expression, taking it from who?

The lives of us and the people around us are but an interwoven web. Each is tied to another, you do not know how many you influence in one lifetime. Death is natural, a path, a circle complete. Life is a story. You are the character, the hero. Suicide is putting a full stop mid sentence. Right now you feel like your life is falling apart, but this is the very climax. Who knows, the next few chapters you might not even remember these words, for which you plan to take your own spirit. If Cinderella gave in to the cruelty of her stepmother and sisters, she would’ve never met her fairy godmother and went to the ball.

Your life is not your own.

Keep your hands off it.

Each and every single person you’ve met till today holds a part of your life. Minutes, seconds even. Taking your life is not a personal process, it is public massacre of human emotions. You are not only killing yourself, you are killing someone’s best friend, someone’s love of their life and someone’s beloved companion.

Life is a circle. Let it complete. Look forward, better things are on their way. Do not quit living the book of your life, read it till the end because you never know what plot twists and turns lie. Don’t end what could have been a beautiful novel by one bad chapter.

Not only are you putting a full stop to your life, but a semicolon in others. Suicide isn’t ending the pain, it is passing it to someone else.


If anyone, at all needs someone to speak to, I’ll be glad to lend an ear.

Massively inspired from Sherlock S4 E2


Each morning

I get up

And put on a mask on my face

They call it a smile.

I wear it all day

It helps to make me look


For no one can look past it

It is a mirage

An illusion

A blanket

Hiding what is inside.

What doesn’t hurt is

The fact that I have made this curtain

But the fact that

I no longer feel

When the smile is real

If it is ever real.