An essence of Revolt hung about in the air.
Filled with voices of anguish, bent down himself the Sky
Alarmed with the upsurge, roared herself the Earth
And they all danced to a rhythm,
A rhythm of hands raised all together,
A rhythm of voices chanting in chorus,
A rhythm of feet stepping down collectively.
A rhythm by the children of the nation
A rhythm for the countrymen, for the infants, for the elders, for the world.
For together they sang the lullaby for Change
Their motherland was quite acquainted to this lullaby,
Having heard it before through the mouths of martyrs,
She was pleased to see her children, fight once again for a different type of a freedom,
An important one nevertheless
And an essence of Revolt hung about in the air.
Not ignited by soldeirs or guns or swords,
But fueled by the Youth,
With their voices, their hearts and their souls,
Being their only weapons.


It’s a World out there

When a school asks you why you are right for them, or why they are right for you, you obviously think from a different perspective. Everyone gets excited for going to a new educational institute, it being a boarding school amplifies it, but this excitement is different, because this isn’t just some ordinary educational institute we’re talking about. This is UWC.

And by saying that, it is evident that this isn’t just a new school, with new experiences and new memories, it is an opportunity for giving back to the world. Life throws good circumstances your way, and it is up to one to decide what they make of them. My purpose, I feel is to solely make optimum use of the chances provided to me to do good for the world, to make a change in some way, not to be remembered for it, but to give back to the Earth that raised me.

Whenever I pause to think about experiencing UWC- I am remembered of the reason why I chose it in the first place. Because UWC is where the world is. I wish to meet more people, from more different and diverse backgrounds because that will acquaint me with Earth and subsequently help me do good for it. I wanted to climb out. On the application’s day itself I could feel the UWC effect.

It’s not just about growing up and having fun and cherishing these moments, these are an extremely important part of life, but the reason I chose UWC was because I wanted to be where the world is, and give back to it. I choose to take in all I see and grow as a person, soar higher, and experience the World out there!

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

-Oscar Wilde

The Phenomenon Of Becoming A Writer!

Behind every writer there lies-

  • An Incident which made them revert to the pen to illustrate their emotions in a way talking never could. The root cause: from where it all began.
  • The most heavenly moment reeking of serenity in the utter peaceful silence that followed in your mind after writing your heart out on the paper. It felt like your mind was an empty canvas once again; for all the color had been wiped out in blue.
  • Countless tissues from several restaurants with ink scarred all over them – passed off as meaningless thoughts of no significant value, but little did you know back then they’d amount to something big.
  • Dozens of diaries painted with blue words of poetry; hidden and locked away in bedrooms where they’d be away from human sight, almost as if the light could make the words disappear.
  • That One Person – your first reader. The one who deemed your writings to be perfect and so ‘precious’: something you still don’t believe.The One who gave you the idea to broadcast it to the world
  • The Tussle: The internal war inside your mind- Were you brave enough to disclose to the world a piece of your heart? Or did you want to live with the regret of keeping mum about it for the rest of your time?
  • The first time you put your writing out to the world- and the feelings that followed. The nervousness, the anxiety, the fear of judgement and hysteria coupled with second thoughts,and self loathing. Revealing your writings to the world is stressful.
  • The first time someone complimented your writing. Again, you didn’t believe them. Why? Because you’ve never seen your words from their perspective.
  • How you felt when you could conquer your emotions through the effective use of mankind’s invention of pen and paper. How in the form of letters and words emotions left your mind and lived on to the paper. Still feels like Nirvana! That does explain the nostalgia when you re-read your old diaries. It’s like seeing old pictures, reliving your old memories.
  • The feeling you still get before showing your writing to a stranger or even worse: a friend! Apprehension still creeps right in. Each time you look at your writeups in print, you can do nothing but cringe, because no matter how much anyone praises the way you write you will never, ever believe them.
  • While reciting your poetry:  that split second when your mouth is open but your voice refuses to be spoken because you’re feeling the same nervousness you felt the first time you showed the purest piece of your soul to the Earth. The only difference? You know you’ve overcome this feeling a billion times. And you build the strength to recite your own words from your own lips- overcoming your own self doubt yet another time. Much like I am doing right now
  • The PROUDEST moment for any writer: Reading your old writeups and seeing how far you’ve come. Nothing could compared to the happiness of examining how your writing style has evolved. And there there’s always  the suspicion that you wrote better earlier.

There’s a writer behind many stories, but there’s always a story behind every writer.

To Feel or Not To Feel? (And the Science behind it)

“The limbic system is the portion of the brain that deals with three key functions: emotions, memories and arousal (or stimulation). The thalamus is located within the brainstem and is part of the pathway of information into the cerebrum, which is the section of the brain that is responsible for thinking and movement.”


What makes man different from an animal? What made us conquer the world and establish an empire? The ability to communicate and think. Our brains are much more advanced than other animals. We discovered power. Consequently- we established kingdoms. It was astonishing to see how our species had solely with its thinking skills taken over the Earth.

But the bad side: We discovered power, we lost control of it as well. The worst side of mankind is seen in an orchestra of chaos and anarchy-War. Although owing to our amazing thinking skills we knew the consequences of wars-but that did’t change our minds. we went on to battle- and for what? Petty emotions. Every war is born out of the same emotions- Anger, Jealousy,Hatred, and the Greed and hunger for power. Why didn’t our super intelligent thought process talk us out of that? Weren’t we the species which were the torch bearers of Brain Power?

Our heart doesn’t control our emotions. (For a broader perspective read- Love the Mind, not the Heart! )

So what does? The Limbic System which was described in the beginning is the mastermind, the birthplace of all emotions. The Limbic System is to blame For every war that took place on planet Earth, For every emperor who was too busy finding love rather than running his empire, For every dictator who thought he could establish world power and For every man who decided to pull the trigger.

We possess the most highly evolved brains on the Earth- carefully kept in an equally advanced body system all gone to waste because of one peanut sized architect of emotions- the Limbic System. Placed in the Hypothalamus- it controls everything. From the smile on your face to the molecules that trigger the tear duct- every emotion you’ve ever felt in your lifetime. It’s illogical- despite having a commendable thought process- we fall prey to emotions. But it is the truth.

Many people say that emotions are equally important for human life and essential for its existence but to be practical- it is the dream to be emotionless. Everyone wishes to be more robotic and less humane simply because its more efficient. One could achieve so much more in a lifetime. Moreover, the Limbic System is a symbol of attachment. It is basically ensuring that you cling on to people and memories that you know aren’t forever.

Couldn’t there something which could remove the Limbic System as a whole ?Unfortunately that seems like something only Rick Sanchez can invent! As a writer, emotions are what I feed on and without them I’d have nothing to write about. Is the dream to control your feelings fulfilled when you channel them in a creative direction so nothing remains with you?

It all adds up to a simple perspective. Feel your life, because your mind is going to force you into doing it anyway. Stop chasing the mirage of becoming emotionless because it is anatomically impossible. For me, the knowledge of your emotions alone being your biggest arch enemy doesn’t make them any stronger. Maybe this is really as essential feature of being a human being. Don’t worry about your feelings getting to your head, they’re born there anyway! Enjoy them as they come and go, they are your very own and an important part of your existence.27294486_1250003171766977_826685734_n

Emotions make us humans, denying them makes us beasts. -Victoria Klein.







Love the Mind, not the Heart!

The most important and the very essence of your body is your mind. Usually taken for being logical and calculative, isn’t the mind actually the birthplace of emotions? Why does the heart get blame while love is not really it’s problem. Oxytocin, or the love hormone is produced in the brain and not in the heart. All the poor guy can do is thump vainly while the mind instructs you to fall in love.

Think of it like this: it is your thought process that make you fall in love. It is what goes on in your mind which dictates every action you make. The heart has been picturised from time to time as being blamed for making people fall for others while the real culprit laughed up above.

Perhaps this is why falling in love is considered ‘helpless’ or an uncontrollable situation. But somewhere deep down, you could only fall for someone if you after contemplating accept the idea of falling for them. It is only after personal approval that you go on with it. And doesn’t the mind play a role in this essential process?

The mind plays games. But you are it’s own master. Love isn’t supposed to be helpless or accidental. Love is deliberate, a choice to make. A choice ensures responsibility. Besides now at the though of it, Responsibile Love seems like a new concept! But a lot less fun right?

Wreckless love is what excites people, it is what makes incidents interesting and why do people choose something which utterly destroys them? Simple, curious minds. Maybe we love the concept of love, maybe the idea of someone but what makes us go ahead and Chase that mirage is the curiosity to know more, to take a leap into the unknown.

Don’t make love a mistake. Responsible love doesn’t have to be boring. And most importantly, stop not holding yourself responsible. Emotions and feelings might ‘just happen’ but the decision to go on doesn’t.

There’s nothing wrong with choosing to go on with your emotions but it’d be a lot better to support that with a logical argument. Love is at its beginning a personal commitment to yourself. If you can’t handle the job of loving someone don’t do it!

Stop punishing the heart for what the mind does. Start claiming responsibility.

But then again, love is different for everyone and the very discussion of it is a celebration of it! Well I guess, the heart wants what it wants! (So does the mind?)

New Year

New year.. New beginnings. Time is merely an illusion and new year probably won’t change your life except for momentary celebration. What I mean by new year, are the opportunities and roads for the way aheas.

You probably heard the same old greeting over and over again.

Have an amazing new year with your family and friends. May this year bring happiness and joy into your life. Wishing you good health and success, smiles and laughter, have an excellent, vibrant year ahead.

The same. Clichéd. Exhaustive. And seriously thoughtless wish.

This is what I wish for you straight from my heart-

Have a great year with new people. People you don’t know. People who’s names you can’t pronounce. People who make you feel new. Along with success I hope this year brings Failures. Because they teach you to get back up and fight harder. Along with the joy and happiness, embrace the tears and sobs because they form who you are. May this year take you out of your comfort zone and make you test your own limits. May you discover thing about yourself you never did. May this year change what you think you are. May this year form you. May this year shape you. May the experiences shake you up, build you up and break you down. May this year mold you. May this year redefine you. May this year change you.

New year, new you.