The need to write.

Have you asked the sun the need to shine so bright? Or the stars the need to twinkle like specks of gold, adorning the dark sky like jewels? Have you asked a drowning man the need to breathe? Equivalent, are all these to asking me the need to write.

A tiger roars. A roar is its expression. It’s nature. Cats meow, dogs bark, frogs croak and the nightingale sings into the darkness of the night. Similarly, I write. Writing for me roaring like that tiger, it is my expression, my nature. Many may say, that writing cannot be compared to life processes essential for survival. Writing cures the ailment of my inner soul, which is equally important for my living.

My pen is holy, as it is the medium through which my inside body, connects with the outside world. My hands transport what is happening in my soul with ink; my blood, laid down on paper in the form of letters. Writing is cathartic. It is the act of opening a pandora box, for my emotions burst open and bow down on paper. My soul feels lighter at the end of each sentence, removing, from on top of me, the burden of unsaid words.

You know the feeling you get after running for a long time? A fatigued, depleted feeling? This worn-out emotion coupled with joy is what I feel after writing. My energy, both mental and physical is absorbed to its fullest as my hands try their best at matching up to the speed of my mind’s thoughts, rapidly trying to grab all of them and put them down on paper.

Writing for me is freedom. It sets my spirit free. It is me facing my demons and angels, witnessing the confrontation and winning. Writing gives me clarity, it shows me what I feel, who I am, It is a mirror which never lies, a reflection of the soul.

The need to write is my need to live. It is the signal for my soul to go on. These words are all that I really have.

Writing for me is living and breathing. The gift of expression is one without which I cannot quite imagine living life. For me, I come alive only when I write.

No matter who stays or strays, your words can never betray.

Author: Gayatri Sharma


32 thoughts on “The need to write.”

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! Writing is a compulsion . . . a need . . . a need to share! So many reasons to write – but best of all is the fact that writing shared is more to read and leads us to new friends! ❤

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  2. You should write because you love the shape of stories and sentences and the creation of different words on a page. Writing comes from reading, and my advice for you would be to read. Read the best works available because it is the finest teacher of how to write. I can see a name in making larger than any Arundhati Roys would ever imagine to be. Best Wishes Angel.

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  3. Pari.. Congratulations on your debut blog post From now on I will be following your posts.. your writing reflects the flow of clear thought process which you expressed very well.
    Keep on posting your creative thoughts.. Best wishes.

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  4. dear gayatri,
    the first impact is always special and on that score you’ve proved a point – “i have something in me”.
    enjoy your writing, the flavor that you naturally promise to possess.
    will pass on one small thought (which was incidentally handed over to me in a similar fashion)- every writer is selfish and writes for oneself, but always remember that your writing will be read by ‘others’. keep the interest of the reader in mind.
    just be !
    viveik pandit


  5. Hey gayathri, i have absolute clarity,no confusion at all that you have it in you to become a superb writer! Keep up your love of writing no matter what pressures your academic curriculum puts on you, as I’ve seen many a budding writer give in to do so. You have a big fan in me and i will look forward to more of your mind’s artpieces.

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  6. Your language and expression is great, would love to read a few more posts from you. (Just sharing) I took to writing because I wanted the world to know about my ideas and my philosophies, which I think can revolutionize this world (maybe not). Do check my other posts at … And the one you commented on was not written by me (you must have noticed that). And yeah , Keep writing …
    Always remember – “Paper was more patience than people” …. Even if you don’t get famous, keep writing because it will allow you to vent out your feelings …

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