An Old Picture

Have you looked at an old picture
and lost yourself,
in nostalgia and curiosity?
As your fingers run along the smooth photograph, which you just pulled out from a rusty drawer.
Have you ever felt estranged?
Have you ever not recognised the person in front of you?
though they possess your skin and bones,
they’re not you.
have you ever looked at an old picture,
and in the dusty frame,
Observed the mind and body you’ve outgrown?
Are you ashamed?
Are you proud of how far you’ve come?
Does the picture symbolise progress?
or does it stand for something,
much more significant-
maybe, it stands for simpler times.
Have you ever looked at a picture
and felt a sting in your brain,
almost as if a voice was saying,
“How times change”
And have you pondered about how life was back then?
But, the idiotic grin on your face says,
That you sympathise with your old self in the picture,
Who you now consider a fool, and mock gently,
Have you ever looked at an old picture,
And then looked in the mirror
And called that split second “Evolution”
Or a marker of increasing wisdom.
Today, click a new picture.
And realise that with some time,
You will feel the same looking at it.
The next time you look at an old picture

Not as pride to have outgrown the fool you were,
but to acknowledge the fact that you
change every day
and grow everyday.

Author: Gayatri Sharma


19 thoughts on “An Old Picture”

  1. WoW! I guess the notion of our writings on pics is somehow similar however you’re thoughts are more beautiful.
    Amazed to see you’re writing so beautiful at this age.Keep it up Lil wirdsmith!📝👌😇

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You have poured out almost everything, which leaves nothing to add.
    Looking at old photos almost brings time to a halt, a wave of mixed emotions hit you hard, and you get lost in its current.
    How did your board exams’ result go, you got passed right ?


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