It’s a World out there

When a school asks you why you are right for them, or why they are right for you, you obviously think from a different perspective. Everyone gets excited for going to a new educational institute, it being a boarding school amplifies it, but this excitement is different, because this isn’t just some ordinary educational institute we’re talking about. This is UWC.

And by saying that, it is evident that this isn’t just a new school, with new experiences and new memories, it is an opportunity for giving back to the world. Life throws good circumstances your way, and it is up to one to decide what they make of them. My purpose, I feel is to solely make optimum use of the chances provided to me to do good for the world, to make a change in some way, not to be remembered for it, but to give back to the Earth that raised me.

Whenever I pause to think about experiencing UWC- I am remembered of the reason why I chose it in the first place. Because UWC is where the world is. I wish to meet more people, from more different and diverse backgrounds because that will acquaint me with Earth and subsequently help me do good for it. I wanted to climb out. On the application’s day itself I could feel the UWC effect.

It’s not just about growing up and having fun and cherishing these moments, these are an extremely important part of life, but the reason I chose UWC was because I wanted to be where the world is, and give back to it. I choose to take in all I see and grow as a person, soar higher, and experience the World out there!

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

-Oscar Wilde

Author: Gayatri Sharma


10 thoughts on “It’s a World out there”

  1. What a coincidence, I also got selected in “University of California, Irvine”, for undergrad research internship.
    I am also looking at the stars 😊
    Yes, the entire application procedure do gives us goosebumps, I am sleeping only for 4 hours a day, since I got the news of my selection due to excitement.
    BTW, which school branch and subjects have ya opted for ?
    And goodluck with future ahead πŸ‘


      1. I.B. board would be great if you wanna study Humanities after XII.
        But, there is always a trade-off to be considered. Going to a boarding school just after high school would be emotionally challenging. To be frank, it was very tough for me even after XII standard.
        But then, we have to move out from home at some point in life to pursue our dreams.
        Take the final decision wisely.

        For NOW, I will be doing research internship in US for May-July.


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